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Help files and tutorials:

Help files and tutorials are available here at and at some other webs istes, see the links below.

Free plans specific help files:

Better free plans

Receive your free plans and print them.

Use the free plans:
how to read and transfer dimensions.

where to find them and what to use if you can't find the specified materials.

Build a better boat:
you can use better materials that were not availbale when the free plans were drafted. We explain why and how.
We also explain how to resize a boat and make changes to the design.

Free plans or stock plans?
What is the difference between modern plans sold for a fee and the free plans.

and legal considerations: can you register a boat built from the free plans? Is it legal? How about safety?

External links:
is a technical support web site for our stock plans but access is free. There are hundreds of pages of help with pictures.
See the tutorials and HowTo files: many of the techniques used can be applied to the free plans.
is a web site where you can not only buy supplies but find a long list of help files, online tutorials and even short movies showing how to use materials. From cutting plywood to painting your boat, it's all there. And if you purchase materials from BoatbuilderCentral, you can access their technical support forum.

The two sites above link to a very active boat builder's forum, the largest one on the Internet. There is also a gallery with more than 30,000 pictures of amateur boat building.


The best technical support: we will help you succeed!
Ask questions on our support web site
Designers and fellow boat builders will respond immediately. At the same site, you will find hundreds of pages of tutorials, a forum to share tips and thousands of pictures.